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    FIND US: Accra Ghana
    CONTACT: +233 303 938 124


    The club is able to assess it’s future requirements and demand for training and match fixtures. The club will be able to provide support for those wishing to improve or develop their skills.


    To recruit, develop and retain a coaching workforce that supports player development and retention. To develop a support structure for players within the club ensuring they can continue to develop and learn and remain motivated.


    Develop a shared vision for the club that is inspirational and not only shared by the club committee but by its members and partners.


    The correct club structure will allow the club to run its affairs in an effective and efficient manor from making decisions, collecting subs to presenting itself professionally to members and potential sponsors and funders.


    • We hold moral values and human virtues, integrity and justice being first, above anything else.
    • We pay special attention to upholding the dignity of our club stemming from its glorious past.
    • We know we have to be worthy of values represented by our team colors and the crescent & the star in our emblem.


    We always stick with modesty.
    We do not discriminate by race, language, religion, color, status or gender. We approach everyone with tolerance.
    We know the value of hard work and labor.
    We are sensitive to social issues. We stand against injustice.
    We give particular importance to our resources, the young players, and try with patience and discipline to help them
    We are loyal to our past and we hold those who served the club in utmost esteem.
    We do not forget the “district culture” in our roots.


    To us; diligence, contending persistently with courage, determination and confidence with a team spirit is much more important than winning.
    We are fully committed to the fair play code.
    We respect our competitors without reservation.
    We are chivalrous. We support those who win deservedly.

    We are committed to our club and its values with passion, loyalty and affection.

    Our Team

    We know that we must be worthy of the values that our Moon and star and our colors represent.
    Bernard Kwabena Otabil
    Emmanuel Boakye
    Right Fullback
    Michael Amofa
    Right Fullback
    Yussif Issah
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